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Machined seals SKF

Machined seals

The innovative production system – SKF SEAL JET – reduces manufacturing and dispatch time to a minimum. Virtually any kind of seal for any conceivable application, in any dimension and design, can be produced.

Fluid handling seals SKF

Fluid handling seals

Sealing solutions for fluid handling application may need to operate in contact with various types of fluids or slurries, some of which require stringent regulatory compliance.

Power transmission seals SKF


SKF’s offer of radial and axial shaft sealing solutions for power transmission applications supports virtually every industrial sector, from large-size wind turbines to very small, high-speed machine tools.

Principles of sealing selection and application

ndustrial shaft seals are used to seal the opening between a rotating and a stationary component, or between two components in relative motion.

Radial shaft seals

Radial shaft seals for general industrial applications

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Radial shaft seals for heavy industrial applications with low cross sectional height

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Cassette seals

The design of SKF Mudblock cassette seals has been optimized to provide excellent retention of either grease or oil and maximum protection against liquid or solid contaminants.

Wear sleeves

SKF Speedi-Sleeve

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Large diameter wear sleeves (LDSLV)

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Inner rings with non-directionally ground raceways

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Track pin seals

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Metal face seals

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V-ring seals

globally valid

[download id=”518″]

globally valid for North American market MVR axial shaft seals

Metal-cased V-ring seals

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Axial clamp seals

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Sealing and spacing washers

Sealing washers

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SKF spacing washers

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