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Wheel end seals SKF


wheel end applications we can provide seals for:

  • Cars and light trucks
  • Heavy duty trucks and off road applications
  • Motorcycles and recreational vehicles

Axle seals

SKF provides a full range of shaft seals for axle applications. For car and light truck as well as for heavy duty commercial vehicles.

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Suspension seals SKF


Suspension systems serve a dual purpose: contributing to the vehicles’ road holding and braking capacity, and keeping occupants comfortable and reasonably isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations.

Steering seals SKF


SKF power steering seals retain steering fluid in high-pressure applications while allowing for reduced friction in the various parts of a power steering unit.

Our range includes:
For hydraulic systems

  • pump seals
  • input seals
  • pinion seals
  • rack seals

Engine Seals SKF

NG_seals_engine_seals_iconSKF can provide sealing solutions for virtually all types of engine:

  • With and without boosting
  • For small and large engines
  • For cars and light vehicles
  • For heavy duty trucks and off road applications
  • For motorcycles and recreational vehicles


Driveline seals SKF


There is a strong need for continuous development and innovation in the driveline. SKF seals can deliver unparalleled performance over a wide range of operating conditions to reduce power losses and minimize fuel consumption and vehicles emissions.

Axle seals

SKF provides a full range of shaft seals for axle applications. For car and light truck as well as for heavy duty commercial vehicles. In their exposed locations beneath the vehicle, contamination exclusion is key to a long seal life and SKF offers a range of solutions addressing this issue.
 Bonded piston seals
Bonded piston convert hydraulic pressure into linear motion. In a typical automatic transmission, pistons stroked under fluid pressure are used to actuate clutch packs that in turn engage specific gears.
Integrated input shaft seals
The dynamic seal is included into a unit which is bolted to the transmission, which provides static sealing to the transmission housing and optionally includes elements such as a tube to guide the movement of the clutch release bearing. These modules simplify the installation.
Magnetic trigger wheels
These trigger wheels supplying a strong and accurate signal to sensors for speed and angular position, thereby supporting activities to increase fuel consumption and minimize emissions.

Output shaft seals

SKF provides shaft seals for the output shafts of all types of drive-line units including transmissions, transfer cases, Rear Drive Modules (RDM) and Power Transfer Units (PTU).

Pinion seals for light vehicles

SKF offers pinion seals for passenger cars and light duty applications.  The complete line of SKF pinion seals includes unitized designs. The unitized designs include a wear sleeve which also provides the seal running surface and a barrier to external contaminants.


Transmission front cover

The cover sealing module consists of a cover plate with an outer static seal and an inner rotary shaft seal integrated into the unit.


Transmission input shaft seals

The input shaft of a transmission typically has the highest speeds of any shaft in the drive-line of a conventional transmission.





Body seals SKF


Gas springs are used to assist opening, closing, lifting, lowering and damping, movements, for example to support the tailgate or bonnet of a car. There are also many applications in general industry, for example in office chairs or kitchen cupboards.

Gas spring seals

Gas springs are devices used to lift and support in automotive and general industrial applications. The function of the seal is critical for the function of the gas spring.