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Cold Tight systems SKF


The SKF Cold Tight systems offer considerable benefits. The SKF CT reduces downtime by several days each time a steam turbine is opened and closed. Long cool-down periods are not needed. The system also helps in planning the outage more efficiently.

Hydraulic rings and propeller nuts SKF

Hydraulic rings and propeller nuts

Traditionally, ship propellers are mounted on a tapered shaft end with a nut and key. The torque is transmitted through friction of the mating surfaces and the key performs a stand-by function if the friction is insufficient.

OKTC and OKTH hydraulic rings and propeller nuts

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Supergrip bolts SKF


The same advanced design of OK Couplings has been applied to the coupling bolt. The Supergrip bolts represent a ‘quantum leap’ in improved technology for connecting rotating flange couplings.

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OK couplings


OK couplings

OKC shaft couplings

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OKCX shaft couplings

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OKCS shaft couplings

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OKF flange couplings

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