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Polymer ball bearings SKF


SKF polymer ball bearings are typically used in applications where resistance to moisture or chemicals is essential and steel bearings cannot be used or only with certain restrictions. In those applications, polymer ball bearings are an excellent solution from both a technical and economic perspective as they are characterized by the following properties:

  • corrosion and chemical resistant
  • high wear- and fatigue-resistant polymer
  • self lubricating (no lubricant required)
  • low coefficient of friction
  • quiet running
  • lightweight
  • high specific strength (strength to weight ratio)
  • high dimensional stability due to the low tendency to creep
  • low lifecycle costs
  • electrical insulator

Bearings with Solid Oil SKF


In most applications, adequate amounts of grease and oil are provided to a bearing. However, in cases where accessibility to the bearing for relubrication purposes is impractical or impossible, Solid Oil is an excellent solution.

Typical conditions where Solid Oil is used include:

  • wet and dirty environments
  • vertical shafts
  • applications exposed to g-forces
  • special hygienic requirements
  • oscillating movements
  • bearings that are difficult to access for relubrication


NoWear coated bearings SKF


NoWear is a wear-resistant carbon coating that can be applied to the rolling elements and inner ring raceway(s) of a bearing (designation suffix L7DA) or only the rolling elements (designation suffix L5DA).




Electric motors, generators and associated equipment are at risk when an electric current passes through a bearing. This can damage the contact surfaces of rolling elements and raceways in the bearing (electrical erosion) and rapidly degrade the grease. An additional risk in electric motors and generators comes from high frequency currents due to the inherent stray capacitance.

Hybrid bearings SKF


Hybrid bearings have rings made of bearing steel and rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (Si3N4). Because the silicon nitride ceramic material is such an excellent electrical insulator, hybrid bearings can be used to effectively insulate the housing from the shaft in both AC and DC motors as well as in generators.