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Differential Gear & Propeller Shaft NSK

Differential Gear & Propeller Shaft

In FR vehicles, the engine power is transmitted to the rear differential gear via the propeller shaft. The fact that the center bearing used to support the propeller shaft is located on the vehicle’s exterior gives rise to a demand for optimum mud and turbid water resistance in addition to maintaining fast rotational speeds.

Motorcycles & All-Terrain Vehicles NSK

Motorcycles & All-Terrain Vehicles

NSK’s products are also used in a wide variety of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to all-terrain vehicles. The mechanical parts of motorcycles are exposed to rough running and high-rotation conditions, while all-terrain vehicles are utilized in a vast range of activities and environmental conditions. Bearings for these vehicles must be durable against water and mud.

Manual Transmission NSK

Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions must adequately meet driver expectations of control by conveying a smooth, precise, and crisp feeling. Transmissions must also be compact, lightweight, and be able to deliver excellent fuel efficiency for the increased number of gears that are appearing in newer vehicles.

Automatic Transmission NSK

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions ensure smooth gear changes with minimal shift shock while operating under various kinds of driving conditions. A complex and extremely intricate form of technology known as friction control is ideal for efficiently conveying power from the engine and for smooth gear shifting.


Electrical Accessories NSK


Vehicles include a vast array of electrical accessories such as engine starters, air-conditioning systems for a comfortable riding environment, windshield wipers for safety, and oil-pressurized motors to assist power steering.